Project type: Graduate work

Creative Strategies
Development 1st year / Fall 2012
Instructor: Fridolin Beisert
Art Center College of Design
Media Design Practices

Creative Strategies is a series of weekly exercises focused on developing strategic approaches to creativity.

They are meant to be quickly ideated, iterated, and made in order to think, see, and make differently.

Some exercises created viable solutions or products, while other exercises presented themselves as opportunities for risk, a chance to produce work that truly pushed at the boundaries of design and its comfort zone.

To arrive at the latter was the goal for this class— how far can you take your creativity and at what point does it cease to be design? This class reveals the affordances of design thinking to problem solve through making and thinking.

My Chess Set of foam pieces vs. X-acto knives was selected to be in the Student Gallery at Art Center College of Design, Fall 2012.

Week 1: Self-Promo

Week 2: Problem Framing

Week 3: Souvenir

Week 4: Chess Set

Week 5: Halloween Invite

Week 6: Wabi-Sabi

Week 7: Vision Calibration

Week 8: Piggy Bank

Week 9: Reality Hacking

Week 10: Critbox