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Milkfarm: The Very Best

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Project Type: Commercial
Role: UX Designer + Researcher
Collaborator: Kristina L. Ortega
Project Duration: 1 month

Milkfarm is a neighborhood artisan cheese shop in Eagle Rock, California. It serves a community-based clientele in the very niche industry of fine food products. 

Milkfarm: The Very Best is a commercial project made in collaboration with designer Kristina L. Ortega.

We define UX strategy as:

User Needs + Business Goals = UX Strategy

UX strategy produces a game plan, or North Star, for the user/customer experience of a product. It folds UX research, design, and business goals all together for a cohesive and strategic approach towards creating a strong product and service via various platforms and media.

Milkfarm: The Very Best is about utilizing the strengths of UX strategy (typically for large businesses) and harnessing the small business strength of a community. We designed for Milkfarm's community and place people first, thereby aligning our design and UX strategy with business goals— Milkfarm is the neighborhood's cheese shop.

Methods and deliverables include:

  • Understanding users via UX research
    • Interviews, affinity mapping, surveys, IA maps, personas, user stories
  • Competitive analysis and market research
    • Cheese landscape analysis
    • Cultural landscape analysis
  • Website and mobile redesign, UX design and recommendations
  • Instagram strategy and recommendations for other social media platforms
  • UX Strategy for Milkfarm
    • Educational + community programming
    • Aligning digital and physical experience
    • Market branded products

2106 W. Colorado Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041


Thank you: Leah Park Fierro and Marcus Guttenplan.