The weDub Project:
Teenage Ampli'tude

2014 MFA Thesis Show

Art Center College of Design
Media Design Practices

Wind Tunnel Gallery


Teenage Ampli'tude celebrates the creative talent and energy of youths in an urban slum in Kampala, Uganda. 

It is a showcase of The weDub Project.

Participants move through each table with headphones to plug in and out of audio jacks on each table. The sound stations feature various soundbites ranging from a DIY circuit-making video to an energetic live show of the teens performing.

The tables are ordered in a progression of making to engaging, from material expression to verbal expression.

Tina L. Zeng
Art Center College of Design
Media Design Practices / Field 2014 MFA Thesis
Advisors: Jemima Wyman and Anna Mayer of CamLab
Adjunct Advisors: Elise Co and Tim Schwartz
Instructors: Elizabeth Chin and Sean Donahue

Show construction: Beth Corry, Gerardo Guererro, Marcus Guttenplan, Kristina Ortega, and Jenny Rodenhouse. Thank you!