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Project Type: Commercial

Role: Visual + Brand Designer

Project Duration: 1 day


the Hub is a weekly newsletter on sex work and human trafficking from the Economic & Migratory Freedoms Project.

This is a commercial project with deliverables of a new visual brand strategy and logo.

the Hub

the Hub is a weekly online newsletter subscription service covering surveillance, migration, and criminalization in the areas of sex work and human trafficking policy.


Because sex work and human trafficking is a highly sensitive topic, the website cannot feature images of the subject matter leaving the visual language of the website and its topic to typography and visual stylistic choices.

Additionally, the audience for the Hub is peculiar in that it falls into what is known as 'hate reading.' How can design capture an audience who hates the subject to keep reading about it?



the Hub's visual brand strategy is inspired by a play on the visual language of the digital medium of writing and journalism.

It is inspired by the red squiggly line that appears when one makes a mistake when writing.

The use of the red squiggly line in the Hub strategically plays on the automatic heightened awareness of mistakes and the need to correct them— when it appears, writers do a double-take.

The actual subject matter of the Hub is morally wrong, but the reporting and the facts are correct.

It will take more than a right click to correct the subject matter of the Hub.



the Hub's personality is smart, sophisticated, simple and draws upon the visual language of digital writing.

The play on the red squiggly line of errors is smart with a side of playfulness.

Times New Roman is used as its main typography for its simplistic and sophisticated style. It is a nod to writing using a keyboard and a computer screen. The typeface can also be used in Mailchimp, which will be the service that mails the subscriptions.

The color of the red squiggly line dictates itself and the simple circle used as the backdrop of the Hub is inspired by synonym of the word 'hub.'

Slated to launch at the end of July 2015